Project "AUTOMAT"

This concept is most suitable for the transporting industry irrespective of the carrier transporting humans, materials or payload, whether it would be fuel or dry goods. This system will provide past, present and future intelligence. This Intel will have a huge positive impact on shippers and logistics company, in the form of reduction of wasted time and an increased income to the company.

The System will dispatch a task and at the same time, it will monitor the completion of the task. Some of the key elements of the system are to observe real-time changes whether that would be traffic conditions or changing schedules for trains, airlines or ships that may impact the delivery of the cargo. The TAMSIN is adaptable to any remote sensor or tracking device located in the carrier, this is accomplished through the cloud and the implementations of our software program.

Exclusions with related parties such as the clients the manager and the Service representative working on the same event will generate appropriate guidelines for their different roles in their preferred language. The cloud base method ensures the unfailing communications with all parties.

Decentralized Commercial Transportation Network

TAMSIN is a New concept of a Secure Global Transportation Network for Transportation and Logistic industry allowing customers and Service Providers to collaborate efficiently. The Network provides a solution for all market players and shows the availability of all resources within the network. It can resolve the major problem for any Service Provider and locate Clients”. Also, to find and to book the transportation service while staying on budget.

The Service Providers are highly dependent on the volumes of Booked Orders while an agent should have access to many Service Providers to provide services for their clients promptly and efficiently. TAMSIN Network finds any type of Service Providers segregating them by their Capacity, Availability, Budget and Quality Statistics.

TAMSIN Network

  • Find Service Provider
  • Book the Service
  • Get Proof of Delivery (POD) Autonomously from Service Provider
  • Ensure execution of details of the service agreement by The Smart Contracts
  • Secure Payment via the Escrow feature of the Network
  • Cancel, Reschedule or Change Service Provider with no extra effort
  • Distribute payment among parties, Immediately once service is provided
  • Provide Reporting Data to regulators, insurance companies etc


Core Team

Michael Breslavsky

(Founder & CEO)

Founder and Concept Designer of TAMSIN.
• Worked at @Barclays Capital, @Nice, @SuperCom, @HP

Kirill Rafalson

(Co-Founder & CTO)

Co-Founder and System Architect at TAMSIN
• Worked at @Jive Software, @Ncr, @Ness Technologies, @Metso Automation

Michael Chernobrod

(Co-Founder & COO)

Serial entrepreneur with strong background in Internet solutions, both technology and consumer-facing. Co-founded Overstream, start-up with a successful exit. Received his BSc in Applied Mathematics from Tel-Aviv University. Co-founder/Senior Technical Director at Dworkz Interactive, full cycle design and development firm.

Alexander Weisberg

(Co-Founder & CFO)

Earned Master of Business Administration from Maastricht School of Management and built his portfolio as Operating Director and Project Manager in Investment and Asset Management Companies. Has extensive experience in international trade, financial and legal services.

Theron Larroquette

(Co-Founder & CEO of North America)

Brown & Root/Halliburton – Master Commercial Diver - underwater pipeline Certification inspector, included but not limited to flow meter calculations for pipeline petroleum transportation. Country serviced Netherlands, UAE, Spain, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk England (The North Sea) and Nigeria. Senior advisor responsible for the operations of the main chemical testing laboratory at American Cyanamide Petrochemical plant located in Louisiana. Mergers and Acquisitions - Oil & Gas and the Trucking industries for 20 years

Lawrence Ditoro

(Co-Founder & CFO)

Mergers and Acquisitions: Oil and Gas industries, transportation and medical facilities. Principal Partner & CFO North America of Drew Developers LLC: A Residential Building and Development Company. Prior experience includes the building of nearly 500 homes, townhouse developments, and modular construction homes. Principal Partner & Developer of Louisiana Energy Solutions: A Commercial Contracting Company involved in Commercial Development.